Monday, February 09, 2009

Break it, stick it back!

(Sunway Lagoon with buddies on the 6th Feb 2009)

Before lagoon, I went for my consultation from a skin specialist in ss15.

Met up with my buddies ; jenny, ee von, aun hoong & ken yee and we had our early lunch at Kim Gary.

Then, we headed to lagoon and meet up with Ken yee's Sarawak friends and also aun hoong's friends. All total of 16 people. However, after the 1st ride, everyone went seperate ways. Balance the 10 of us. Then, left the 5 of us for dinner.

Pictures credit goes to Jenny kuma :)

Had our early dinner at Yuen Steamboat as everyone was super hungry.

The buddies who meant a lot to me :)

p/s - Next post will be on CNY pictures :)

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