Saturday, February 07, 2009

A countdown!

(Genting trip with family on the 2nd-3rd Jan 2009)

Met up with Oon's family there as well.

Good quality pictures credit go to Grace & Pearl Oon :)

I am lazy now so will keep the post short!

bought this drink up there!

Took a cab from my house up to genting costs us rm90. Mom who suggested us to take the cab!

the world club suite :)

stupid-ness :/

Took late lunch at KFC :

Hang out at Old Town Kopitiam and played clapping games. If you lose in the round, you will get punishment such as dancing different style in public -.-

I was posing, okay!

The rest tried rock climbing whereas I didn't cause afraid will injure my ankle :/ What a waste.

gamble session!

Next day, woke up and slacking at hotel for a while then head for lunch with mom.

p/s - It was fun!

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