Friday, March 06, 2009

Love matters.

Went to pyramid with darren & john to watch :

Niceee movie. It is darren's 2nd time watching it.

After movie, we went for lunch at MCD.

6 packet of fried fries?
this is because john is leng chai & me is leng lui.
*inside joke*

Then, we went to bowling alley because friday is my college bowling club activities :)

And, I'll be joining my college bowling club starting from next week. Thanks to john's brainwashing :D

john & darren


with dayang :)

me, darren & dayang :D

After their games, I went to Summit to meet lil boy up.

Played bowling.

Improved from 58 to 102 score! Thanks lil boy! Loves

I'm a NOOB!

Anyways, I'll be going back to Malacca later on. So see ya :)

p/s - Help me plurk alright? :) thanks!


boney said...

who la wants to help u plurk?

Victoria said...

u damn bad wei :(

boney said...

what la?!

Victoria said...

dont want talk to you la :(

boney said...

:( I'm so sorry!

Anonymous said...

i say u sure can want.....
frm john

Victoria said...

boney, hmm dont want forgive you! haha.

john, lol. yeah i think so i can! haha will join you for bowling next week :)

boney said...

why la?!

Victoria said...

cause you very bad :/

boney said...

:( :'(

Victoria said...

:) :) :) :)