Sunday, March 08, 2009


I'm back :)

Will update about my malacca trip soon alright? Too tired to blog today! :/

However, here are some random pictures :

I got the sweetest sister ever <3

p/s - Say ya to random-ness :P

pp/s - Anyone miss me?

ppp/s - I need a nap badly >.<


boney said...

mcd?! for you?!

Victoria said...

lol. no la. come on, im not a fan of mcd. haha.

boney said...

lol! i know i know..

Victoria said...

hahaha :) how u know?

boney said...

u told me mah...:P

Victoria said...

lol. i did told you? *thinking face* :P

boney said...

ahuh! :P nvm ur virus strike again..aaha

Victoria said...

lol. my virus strike again? ya wei. sorry ah >.<