Saturday, April 18, 2009

The best amongst the best.

(BBQ party at Dayang's place on the 15th April 09)

It was a last minute party because we only planned it on that day itself after playing footsal. Although it was a last minute party but, the outcome of the party is good. A total of 11 of us were there for the party :)

Let see whether can I remember who are the 11 of us. Check whether is my short term memory that bad or not? :s

Me, Chi Yen, Dayang, Joe, Pek Mun, Wei Chi, Hui Mei, John, Karnen, Five and Denise!

Did I missed out anyone?! :/

say hello to denise :)

jakun with the magnets :P

chicken wings!
yum yum

miss hui mei
(sorry about my messy hair :O)

i left dayang's place at 12.34am!

the bruise i got from don't-know-where :/

The pictures below was taken by Chi Yen so the credit goes to him :

mr. handsome
*ahem ahem*

thank youuuuu

this is ah chi chi :P

we went to 7-11 to get some drinks

omfg, i look fat

it was an awesome night!

p/s - Thank to dayang for hosting the party :D


~JL~ said...

you're welcome .. =Þ .. Next time I cook more okay ??

Victoria said...

lol. okieee dokieee. when got bbq party again la! xD

~JL~ said...

haha .. sure got .. =_)