Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I look UGLY :(

Last night, I went for movie with my college mates ; chi yen, wei chi & dayang (:

Chi yen has 4 free ticket to watch " Make It Happen "

I was pissed off during the movie because of some people are just so inconsiderate. Wtf!


Oh on the 18th April, I attended Wai Chun's b'day party + house warming (he is now staying at Usj11) with Aun Hoong. Thanks for the ride, hoong :)

Pictures are grabbed from yi wen's blog. Credit goes to her!

b'day boy with his cake

with yi wen

yi wen & aun hoong

with aun hoong, the buddy

Kuma and terence left earlier. Carmen came around 9pm+

The party was fun especially the cakes smashing on the birthday boy's face. The others did that but not me. I ate my cake without wasting it on the birthday boy's face :)

After the party, I tagged along with the others to Adrian's place to chill. Then, I went to Silva for supper with hoong, adrian, kevin, bernard and justin. Oh btw, nice meeting bernard and kevin :)

p/s - Okay, I shall start reading my twilight books already ^^


~JL~ said...

which page already ?? lol .. =Þ

Victoria said...

lol. i havent start yet. was busy watching movies :)

~JL~ said...

haha .. alrite alrite .. Take your own sweet time .. =Þ ..

~Mun Mun~ said...


Victoria said...

joe, ahaha yea i will. thanks!

mun mun, ya la. i'm ugly la :)

~JL~ said...

=_) .. Apa ini ?? Why suddenly say you're ugly .. =/