Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mine is the bestest!

(Mother's Day Dinner Celebration @TGI Friday, Pyramid on the 10th May 2009)

It was a last minute plan. Luckily, we managed to ge our seat after waiting for 20minutes. During the 20 minutes, we went shopping. Sis & I almost want to go to the fitting room then the TGI Friday receptionist call me and tell me that our table is ready T__T

my jie jie :)

mama, i loveeee you :)

Although they always bully me but I still love them!

jack daniel's chicken
I only can remember my dish :p


I was busy watching the MU vs Manchester City match :/

So adorable wei!

The love :)

Hope you enjoyed yr day, mom!

p/s - gossip girls here I comeeeee!

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