Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shooo shoooo


I found some unrelated and random pictures in my phone. So I was thinking whether shall i blog about a random post with random pictures or either to just delete those pictures. I made my choice to blog about it. Come on, after all the pictures are taken right & I dint just waste them by sending them into the recycle bin? I'm just being kind ;D

someone claims that this is a niceee bag
do you think so??

a cat who needs a ride. meoww

some balls thingy.

life is like a journey :)

p/s - I know, super random post *applause*


~JL~ said...

*claps claps*

Victoria said...

lol. thanks??

boney said...

and those squid balls?

Victoria said...

hmm i think so. haha! i dint try it xD

~JL~ said...


boney said...

wait for me,..we go try

Victoria said...

~JL~, hehe? OH (:

boney, hmm wait for you? okay dokay. wait for you la then :)

boney said...

okie donkey!::P