Monday, July 27, 2009

Its so despondently.

(Genting trip with mom & aunties on the 21st-23th July)

Last minute, i decided to tag along with them because one of my aunty has extra room. Moreover, i have nothing to do in subang. This trip was my opportunity to relax and to stone alone. Haha. Hey, it was fun okay ;)

Basically, i spent most of the time alone at Starbucks & MCD with my lappy, facebook-ing and chatting. Not forgetting, i had a weird conversation with one of the Starbucks cashier. Bizarre.

I didnt take much pictures because my camwhore partners were not around T__T

on the way up

the room no.

in the room, chilling

aunty robin, mom & aunty lisa

vietnam market

with mummy ;)

BBQ pork rice

chicken curry

i havent been there :>(

p/s -Bored.

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