Sunday, August 02, 2009

Perth - Day 4

As I promised.

Day 4

Woke up at 9am. After everything, we walked to the bell tower there. There are few shops that sell souvenirs.

I got myself a coin souvenir ;)

From bell tower, we took the blue cat to Town Hall to get MCD for breakfast.

mom brought some crossword puzzles to play.
eh, can win $$$ one okay!

After breakfast, we took the blue cat again to the Western Australian Museum.

i dislike chemistry because it always make me confused :/

After the museum, we walked to the Art Centre. It located pretty nearby the museum only.

After done with the Art Centre, we took the blue cat to Murray Street to go for grocery shopping. Brought some snacks and had Gelato ice-cream again! yum yum

Delicious ice-cream.

From Murray Street, we took the blue cat to Mount Bay to climb up 210 stairs just to get to the Kings Park.

the killing 210 stairs *sobs*

But it was worth it because the view from the top was very beautiful.

Walked to Kings Park.

yogurts for teatime


*peace sign*

this is one nice picture :D

beautiful weather :)

part of south perth

cushion bush (leucophyta brownii)

Kings Park is very huge. Therefore, we didnt walk the whole park. We just spent some time there chilling and taking pictures. When we were done, we walked back to the city (use another route so dont have to climb down the 210 stairs).

a smarter route to Kings Park and back to the city.

Wanted to get a train to Burswood but we ended up in Victoria Park. Missed 1 station.

Took the train back to Burswood and the 1st building we saw was :

dont know what building is that btw

Then we walked to the casino. We walked approximately 15 mins. It was fun because we were eating snacks while walking. Haha

Had dinner at the food court :

lil boy's hawaii pizza

large wok combination for me and mom

Lil boy couldnt enter the casino because he is underage. I went in with mom. It was my 1st time entering the casino. However, i didnt take pictures because there was a sign stated no photography. Actually, i thought of disobey the rule but sadly, there were many security around T__T

decoration outside the casino

Mom and i won some $$$ when we were in the casino. It felt awesome. But we didnt stay for long as lil boy was outside alone wandering around :/

To get back to the railway station, there was a free shuttle bus.

while waiting

bye bye Burswood!

Walked back home from the railway station.

Reached back home at 8.45pm and realize i have a bubble blister on my toe T__T


Watched Desperate Housewife before getting to bed.

p/s - Tired!

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