Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bonding session all the way up there.

I was in genting on the 18th and got back home the next day. Went up there with sis and mom. Took a taxi from home direct up to Resort Hotel which cost us rm90 per way (is not that expensive actually because it was already rm80 according to the meter) Anyhow I've nothing to elaborate because i'm very lazy to continue typing. Enjoy!

in the taxi

twin towers wei! sorry damn jakun :p

decoration at Resort Hotel

the views from our room

all time favourites ;)

i dont know what was she trying to do -.-

she is my ♥

look at the ang moh uncle behind :D :D

my twin sister! lmao

for dinner!

the honey lemon damn sucky T.T

she claimed that the french fry was hot..which explained her expression :]


i brought 3 new nail polish from elianto wooot

I want to upload some pictures into facebook now. Byeee! ;D

Stupid photobucket got something wrong T___T

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