Monday, August 10, 2009

Bowling buddies!

Was looking through some of the previous post from the day i started blogging till now. Realized that i have been through many obstacles in life no matter ups or downs (basically life is all about ups & downs) I used to have the intention of stop blogging but after everything, all my past were in here. Tak sampai hati to close down my blog. Despite the facts that i did have many sad past especially in relationships, i'm really glad that those were the past. Memories.

I'm one happy kid now ;)


Continue from the previous post. Friday was bowling day.

After having lunch with the besties, i went back home to pick up lil boy and off to summit for bowling. At first, sis didnt want to join us but i persuaded her till kao kao that i'll pay for her. So she and chew lian joined us. Finally.

It was her 2nd time playing bowling.
The 1st time was when she was.....standard 4.
how noob haha

the funny one

the noob but in a good way

the pro

honestly, do i look thin from the back and fat from the front??

the average, i supposed :/

the bowling partner, flash boy! ;p

the scores. guess which is mine?

lmao. he was so excited! LOL

he is tall ;D

aww so loving!

We played only 2 games. After the 2nd one, the guys wanna continue playing so sis and i went for a walk around summit although the 3rd game consists of 3 person.

the guys are definitely better than us, the girls in bowling!

Bowling was awesome! :D Next round will be on next friday?? maybe?

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