Sunday, August 23, 2009

Food passion

Check out for what i did today =) *ewin, see i so good promote you & yr blog although you're already famous lol*

I dont plan to blog about today outing just yet so just click on the above link. This is because i wanted to blog out all my drafts 1st. Too many drafts already. Sorry :/

There was one day where i went for dinner with the family at IOI Mall. We came across this not good looking restaurant and not much customers. At first, we dint want to dine there but then in IOI Mall, there werent much restaurants to choose..So we decided to give it a try at that dead looking restaurant. HOWEVER, the food there was unexpected average :)

something something that i cant remember :/

the cheapest fresh fruit juice i ever had. rm3.80 weh!!

the tom yam

this was the best! My salted pepper fried calamari

drunken chicken which was not very niceee :/

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you? :0

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