Sunday, August 09, 2009

The friendship

I'm half dead now because lack of sleep due to waking up early for shopping. Was in OneU and the Curve just now. Luckily i still have the energy to blog because took a really short nap. However, i'll blog about today outing next time.


Had lunch with jenny kuma & taryna at Dragon-I, Pyramid on Friday. Had lots of fun spending time with them. I feel happy and grateful that our friendship is still strong :)

Pictures credit go to Jenny kuma. Although i brought my camera but was too lazy to take pictures :/

the must eat dumplings in Dragon-I

constipation face? LMAO

she still looks cool when she was eating!

the rm2 wet tissue! very expensive eh! :p

free dessert. Thanks to taryna and her friend :)

the friendship that i appreciate the most :D

she is tall, skinny, pretty and single

Sis came and find me after her movie. Then left pyramid with her and chew lian. Got back home and went for bowling. Will continue in the next post because suddenly feel very lazy and am REALLY hungry. Please forgive me :/

Off to cook maggi mee for dinner. Buhbye! :)

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