Monday, August 24, 2009

Helium balloon

Was supposed to meet up with the boys today but then all in the sudden the plan was cancel because of me by unintentionally :/ SORRY guys! We will meet up soon k! ;) Oh, happy birthday mervyn once again!

Since the plan was canceled so i went to Tropicana City Mall with the family. All 5 of us watched a movie and it was :


Somehow i think this was my 1st time watching thriller movie with my whole family excluding my daddy!


Movie with the brothers on last Saturday. It has been a while since us, the siblings hang out :/ This time sis didn't join us. Haiz

Lunch at Secret Recipe.

my one & only younger brother :) loves

sometimes i really think candid pictures are the nicest :p

the act cute face :]

another acting cute face.
His hobby is to act cute!

another candid pic! nice right?

round balls!

chicken cornish

chicken cordon bleu

fish & chips

Lil boy dint join us for movie as he needed to go for a farewell party. Sis came to pick him up so I chilled with big brother at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng before the movie.

Quite emo :/

Cant wait to see you again ;)

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