Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ikan bakar.

Just got back home from shopping at IOI Mall and supper at asia cafe with the loved ones. Had ikan bakar because mom and lil boy were having sudden crave for it.

The new wing of IOI Mall is pretty big. Didnt have the time to walk the whole mall. Met my cousin, pearl at MCD.

F.O.S clearance sale :)

Oh not forgetting, i met chi yen with his new haircut after so long. He looks alright but personally i think it is just not a suitable style for him! Hey chi yen (if you're reading this), you still look good so no worries :)

Good night! Need to wake up early tomorrow!


~JL~ said...

his hair like ...................... lol !! hahha ..

Victoria said...

hahaha. i got no comment (: