Friday, August 14, 2009

Just dessert.

Last night, was in MOS with the besties and friends. The crowd was insane and everyone sweat like nobody business lol. Will blog about it tomorrow or the next day if im free. However, i'm uploading the pictures into facebook now. Check my facebook if you cant wait for the post :)

As for today,

I had difficulties to wake up early this morning (hey, please bear in mind that i slept around 3.45-4am okay) But i managed to drag myself up from bed at 10.45am. Lunch appointment was at 11.30am. Anyways i had lunch with my ex-college mates at Just Dessert, the Curve. It was my 2nd time dining there. Just a brief post.

@ Just Dessert

L:R - Mei Kwan, Teni & ah moi

candid! sorry people :/

sesame dessert

wanton soup

honeydew lou :)

girls are really girls, camwhoring is what we always do.

thanks for everything babe :)

chipmunks ;p lmao

L:R - Yuki, Li Yun, Kirstie & Darren

with darren, the only guy there

group picture (eh why got waitress between yuki & mei kwan one?? -.-")

the girls

we look happy :D

it's really hard to take picture with her because she is a VERY shy girl.

After lunch, we went to the Ikano Pet Lovers Centre. Then, the girls wanted to go to Daiso. I'm so bored with that place already, i tell you. But i accompanied them to look around and they really spent their time in there.

After yuki, darren and i done checking out the stuff in the shop and we dint want to get anything, we went out and start walking around.

with yuki babe again ♥

i miss the moments where we went to classes together :/

We went to Metrojaya and played some toys.

she is the small baby ;p

More pictures in facebook. Byeeee


huimei said...

din ask me go... T-T

Victoria said...

sorry girl :/ next time will call you go! heee

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