Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love Drunk

Just now was starbucks-ing with jenny kuma, carmen mui mui and i-jing. Although the meet up was short but it was pretty fun, managed to get some updates on stuff..However, on the way back home, baby kelisa breakdown T__T SCARY OKAY! I was with sis alone in the car and we stopped the car at the side of the road waiting for big bro rescue haha!

Everything is fine now :D :D

So, I hit to the club, MOS last thursday with the besties. Sis tagged along too :) Actually right, I've the intention of stop clubbing BUT THEN somehow tak jadi wei. I also dont know why -.- No determination, i guess! Enough said. Pictures time!

while waiting for jenny kuma

with TONY moey! met him there :)

the lame people ;) ;)

this is one perfect pic ♥

sisterly loveeeee

with the new friends

another ♥

jenny kuma was doing the "L" aka lame/love/loser sign

half of the group

guess what signs were we doing??

ken, jenny kuma, ah moi, hoong & wei liang

Others are in facebook. heeeeeeeeeeee

How nice if I can live in an imagination life?? :]


~JL~ said...

indeed it's nice .. but i'm sure you can live what you always wanted .. =) .. Cheers ..

Victoria said...

hmm you sure? nah i dont think so! i always wanted a life that is perfect but i never get! T.T

~JL~ said...

yeah .. chillex .. still young what .. =D .. future is out there .. =) ..