Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MTV World Stage

MTV World Stage was AWESOME! I had lots of fun! Thanks joe for the ticket :)

I couldnt manage to take great pictures at the stage because i was at the red zone and everyone beside me was busy jumping and pushing. Hence, the not-so-good picture and screen pictures T__T I damn envy those who were at the mosh pit and able to get nicer view of the performances! Still, couldnt complain much as joe was the one who got me the ticket :D

the stage

part of the crowd in the red zone

boys like girls

Martin Johnson from BLG

the two young girl beside me ;p


pixie lott :)


tyson ritter from AAR

all american reject :D

Left after the AAR performances. Met up with hoong and ken and went for yam cha + supper with 11 friends. Got back home at 1.10am! ;D It was a fantastic night.

I just got back home from genting not long ago =)
Time to get a short nap!

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