Thursday, August 06, 2009

Perth - Day 5

Since I'm free now, I shall blog about my 5th day in perth. After the 4th day in perth, it was a boring period because we dont know where to go already. Actually, we wanted to go to some interesting places but we dint know how to get there T__T Such a waste. Nvm, shall visit perth again if airasia offers cheap air fares hehe.

Day 5

Woke up at 9am. Took a red cat to Perth Train Station. From there, took the train to Fremantle again because we couldnt make it to visit the Western Australia Maritime Museum that day where we were in Fremantle.

i like the musuem building ;)

We paid a total of AUS$ 25 for the submarine tour and museum entry.

with the nice 12.00pm tag

I didnt took any pictures during the submarine tour. I was busy concentrate all the way on the introduction and stuffs that were given by our tour guide. From the outside, the submarine was really HUGE but the inside wasnt that huge because was filled with machineries and accessories.

with our submarine tour guide ; mr. llyod blake

After the submarine tour, we passed our time in the maritime museum. So many things to see in the museum. I love perth museums.

gosh, i miss my very long hair :/

lady gaga forrest


After done with the museum around 2.50pm, we took the Fremantle orange cat to Woolworths mall for lunch.

have a break, have a kit kat!
was waiting for the bus

Lunch :

beef lasagna with salad

After lunch, we took the Fremantle orange cat again to the train station and got down at Subiaco.


While at Subiaco, we went for grocery shopping. Bought some chocolates and beers.




Then we didnt want to waste our time in Subiaco because there were nothing much things to see. So we took the train back to perth city and shopped at Murray Street. Got some souvenirs for myself. Sorry friends.

Due to the winter weather, we tend to get hungry very fast so lil boy and mom ate KFC. KFC is not my type of coffee food. So i just stonned while they were eating.

kfc very own wet tissue
cool eh?

By the time they finished eating, it was only like 6-7pm. So we went to the internet cafe for an hour because i need to check on important stuff. my university stuff.

After done wasting my 1 hour in the internet cafe, we walked to the Kebab shop to buy back some food. We bought chicken kebab and chicken kebab rice.

part of the kebab ingredients

And for the first time, we took a cab back home! HAHA! Reached back home at 7.35pm.

my 1st coffee in perth haha after so many days.


Got to bed after finish watching HomeAlone.

p/s - Got 1 more last post for this perth post :)

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