Monday, August 17, 2009

Perth - Day 6 & 7

I'm stonning in front of my lappy with the tv on my right, thinking what should i blog about. MTV Stage World? MOS with friends? Random post? After few minutes, i've floated the idea that i should blog about my LAST POST for my perth trip. So here they are. Anyways, i combined the 2 days because not much pictures were taken.

Day 6

Woke up at 8.45am. Walked in the rain to the red cat bus stop and stopped at Murray Street for MCD breakfast. They had bacon & egg mcmuffin with a cup of cappucino. After breakfast, we took the yellow cat to Harbour town again because there were nothing else to do besides shopping. Shopping was productive. Brought branded jeans and socks for cheap price.

Ate an AUD$ 9.90 fried kuey teow for lunch. Although it was pricey after the conversion, it was really really tasteful yum yum

After done shopping at Harbour town, we took the yellow cat to forest place mall. We had been going there most of the time when we were in perth.

Stopped by at a bubble milk tea shop for a drink.

honeydew and passion fruit milk tea with pearls

To be honest, we spent most of our time shopping and playing crossword puzzles. The one that can earns money :)

$$$$, here i come ;p

the crosswords puzzle

Crosswords puzzle are really addictive. I'm so gonna play them again if im going to perth again *going to check now* heeeeee

Then, we changed location from bubble milk tea shop to a cafe named All Nature Gelare Cafe.

Had ice-cream


waffle with ice cream


a cookie

a cup of hot chocolate

After done with the crosswords puzzle, we went for a walk and took some pictures.

he looks damn funny

Brought back some MCD for supper dinner. Packed some of our stuff before getting to bed.

Day 7

Woke up at 3.3oam because our flight was at 6.50am. Our taxi arrived at our motel at 4.15am as we requested. Wah, i tell you, the public transportation in perth are really PUNCTUAL! *thumbs up*

goodbye perth :/

at first, he was DAMN HYPE.

After that,




bottle souvenir
damn cheapskate haha!

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Finally, i'm done with my perth trip already.

I hate this feelings :/


John Kerk said...

eh, how to earn money from the cross word puzzle??? teach me le...

Victoria said...

teach you? very easy only.. you go buy and see how.. there got instruction one :)

~JL~ said...

what feeling ?? =/

Victoria said...

hmm just a mixed up feelings thats all :)

~JL~ said...

ooh .. =D ..