Tuesday, August 04, 2009


On Saturday night, I went for dinner with the family. A complete one. Dad was back on thursday. We planned to have seafood for dinner.

sister cant wait for dinner *winks*

Instead of LaLa Chong, we went to another seafood restaurant located in Kampung Subang.

Restoran Choong Foong was the destination

sotong face ;p

jie with mom & dad

with me beloved jie jie
good luck in yr finals.

moody face?? :/

the guys in the family!

daddy busying on the phone

same goes for big brother.
like what people always said "like father like son"
does this even count??? ;)

the siblings <3

mixed vegetables
that was the best dish that night according to mom.

yam cake with marmite pork ribs
*mouth watering*

fried ginger deer meat

claypot tauhu

fried sotong, the best dish for tonight for me! yummmmy

butter prawns which I dont think so are nice :/

p/s - I starting to miss my daddy already T__T


~JL~ said...

your dad went back to Thailand dy ?? hmm .. my dad's leaving tomorrow .. we're equal .. lol ..

Victoria said...

yea he went back already. huh where is yr dad leaving to??! hah like that also count equal? okie dokie! *high five*

~JL~ said...

lol .. *High five*