Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Self portrait

After cracking my brain to think of what to blog about, I finally thought of blogging myself portrait from the year 2004 to now 2009.

My mom said that i never change since i was a kid except the hair styles which basically almost alike all the times because of the length.

I look so NOOB when i was younger hahaha. OMfG! Laugh if you want to. You tell me who doesnt look noob when he/she was younger??






july 2009

Now you tell me whether did i change anot????
Am i fatter now or what??

What an interesting yet boring post. Sorry gotta run, need to get ready to go out (:

Oh, happy birthday chew lian!!


garyooi said...

I still prefer the 2004 Victoria :)
She looks adorable ,isnt she? hee

Victoria said...

OMG! gary, are you okay? the 2004 me looks adorable?? gosh i look so NOOB okay T__T

~JL~ said...

of cause changed .. =) .. beautiful .. =D