Friday, August 28, 2009

Sis's 18th PART I

Celebrated sis's 18th birthday with a simple dinner with family yesterday. A complete family because daddy is back :) Had dinner at BB Seafood Restaurant. Oh well, probably you guys will be like "what?? seafood again?". FYI, my daddy dislikes fast food so only choice is seafood and everyone loves seafood ;D

on the way

the egoistic ones

did i mention that i LOVE to eat lala??

Oops, I forgot to upload the crab picture =.-" Never mind because the crab wasnt nice either.

gossip-ing :/

the birthday girl with hers BR ice-cream cake, chocolate trilogy

fa-meee-leeee ♥

More pictures in facebook. Part II coming up soon!

Off to pyramid!

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