Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So mean.

(Shopping with the human @ OneU & The Curve on the 9th August 09)

Haha. human? They were my mom, sister and chew lian. Was supposed to go to Pavilion but someone cant wake up because slept very early in the morning, to be exact 2-3am. Ended up changed of plan to somewhere nearby which was OneU. Picked chew lian up and off we went.

Reached OneU and i told mom that i was hungry. Straight away went to the directory to choose where and what to eat. Eventually, we are the boring people so ate at Nando's. I'm bad in making decision about where/what to eat T__T So please dont ask me to decide! haha

1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines ; peri chips and coleslaw

how would i live without her? <3

sis & chew lian

The peri Hen-dy guide to Influenza A(H1N1) ???? -.-"

omg, he was doing the lala pose! haha

I need them in my life :)

After bored with shopping, we went to A&W for the root beers. Spent some time chatting. Although it seemed to be boring but hey, it was really enjoyable especially with the presence of chew lian, the funny boy ;)

After the interesting bonding session, we drove to The Curve. Went shopping and walked to Ikano to buy back some curry puffs. Ikano was really packed with human. Normally, i hate dislike to go shopping during mega sales because of the crowd and insane parking hunting.

the satisfying face after taking a bite from Ikea curry puff

another picture spolier, chew lian!
ish! ;p

Off to watch tv again! My show starting in 2 mins time!

Bye byeeeeee :0

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