Friday, October 02, 2009

The lala place

For yr info, i started my uni already after 6 months of break. Say goodbye to holidays. Oh wait, im having classes for only 2 days in a week. So it's not a goodbye to holidays. My free days will be from friday till tuesday. Guess i'll be available on these days unless im busy with sleeping assignments. Heeee. So people, call me out alright? :D

Btw, my uni mates are really nice. We get along very fast. And now, i miss them already T____T *sobs*


Last month outing which i definitely cant remember when was it.

I was in kl with my lil boy and mom. But before leaving to kl, we went for dim sum behind my place. Usj 21 was the place.

wanna be my driver?

yeah we will rock youuuuuu

yours truly =)

retarded lil boy <3

i think got bee trying to sting his ears?

entertained ourselves meanwhile waiting for mom to finish shopping

lil boy's

i like this dessert. so coolingggggggg


this was my dinner that night :)

random shot

Stop running and face the reality :D

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