Monday, September 07, 2009

The stuff

I found this absolute random pictures in my camera. They were taken by my lil boy dont-know-when -.-" Guess he just loves to spam my camera with random pictures. Although he has itchy hands (not the mosquito bite itchy, but is the cant stop taking/touching whatsover ppl stuff), i still love him awwww so sweet lol

hello there adorable panda, huge handphone holder & pink dont-know-what ;)

the workplace

the cute lil cup and ikea water jug behind

told ya, is he who spammed my camera.
btw, what was he doing? =.=" lifeless boy

Can you see me behind?? =p

21 more days till uni starts :) weeeeeeeee


Avex Lim said...

avex passed by n kepo a while...lolz

Victoria said...

haha! its okay that you kepo =p anyways how've you been? lets meet up soon k. miss ya