Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Part 1

Time to blog about my cousin's wedding. His wedding was held on the 19.09.09, therefore, my sis, lil boy and i flew to johor on the 18th evening. The rest travelled down by car. They left around 5pm and ewin was the one who dropped us at klia. Thanks boy :)

Apparently, i took 426 pictures during the 3 days 2 nights stay at johor. I dont know how come there were soooo many pictures. Perhaps my camera got spammed? :/ Hence, i divided the wedding post into 2. The other pictures will be upload in facebook soon.


thanks for the ride :D

the plane :)

the free not-nice snacks

The first night we slept at our aunt's place. Only managed to sleep at 3am and got up at 8am. Oh my =( We had to wake up early because we needed to prepare all the stuffs. It was a tiring day, i tell you. Cant imagine myself getting married in 7-8 more years! Gosh!

the best man :) :)

the 5 series!
(my dream car)

the sleepy heads -.-

do they look alike?

bringing the bride into the house for the tea ceremony

mrs & mr. OH

us the siblings with one of our cousin from mom's side ; vicky

my prettyyyyy niece :)

the groom family :)

After the tea drinking ceremony, chatting, having lunch, we left my aunt's place to Pulai Spring Resorts because we needed to check in. However, when we reached there around 1.30pm, we can only check in at 3pm because our rooms were not clean up yet. Waited for 2 hrs. Wasted my time only! I dont like! wth

he must be very tired being the best man lol

while waiting waiting waiting waiting

the reason why i was busy =(

Managed to check in at 3pm and rest for a lil while.

the view from my room

To be continued....

Part 2 coming up next! Stay tune :D

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