Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Part 2

Just a quick update. Continue from the previous post.

After taking enough rest, we got ready for our work (not really work but just helped out) as guest reception :) It was fun actually. Haha! Because we were working, we missed out the service and not much pictures were taken.

camwhored 1st

this was candid. thanks sis

After the service, there was a cocktail session then only the dinner was served. Dinner was at 7pm. We were working/helping out from 4.30pm till 7pm =(

my hair was messy because was busy helping out :(

adorable :)

uncle labbit david

with daddy <3

Good night!

The next morning, i woke up at 8.30am because of the breakfast buffet.

natural curl hair is the best :D :D
agree?? no? shooooooo then! :P lol

After having full breakfast, went back to the room, took a short nap then got ready to go off to aunt's place. Needed to go there to chill because my flight was at 6.40pm.

managed to get a piece of the wedding cake
nom nom nom

hello orchids!

Left aunt's place at 5.15pm to the airport. And goodbye to johor.

i must avoid peanuts due to pimples :(

i just love to see the cloud.
what abt you?

This is just a brief post. More pictures in facebook!
Busy busy busy busy busy! Gotta run!


Jacquelyn Ho said...

i dont think i'll have the chance to attend any weddings of relatives cos i'm considered one of the older generation among my cousins :(

Junxi90 said...

u look beautiful!!! =)