Thursday, October 22, 2009

9th emperor

Aiyoooooooooo. SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS TO DO. *shoot myself in the head*
Anyways, I only got a maximum of 10mins to blog. My time very precious can. So a short post with only 1 picture.

Last saturday night, i was at a temple somewhere in ampang with a total of 8 people. The temple is known as the NINE EMPEROR GOD temple. It was my first time there. Excuse me, i dont even know the existence of that huge temple. I noob betul.

Smashpop, Bryanlyt, XiaoWei, Melvin, Jason, myself, Ewin & SuetMei

picture credit goes to Jason.

Okay, only 8 minute is used up for this post.
Back to assignments. I need help! Anyone? Pls?


AL said...

haha!!! maximum 10mins and you used up 8mins. 2 mins for facebook, or twitter, cukup cukup. haha!! you're so obsessed with temples, omg.. xD

Victoria said...

lol. 10 mins for blogging only what. fb and twitter werent include in the 10 mins :p ya ya, i know. temples are niceeeee

AL said...

riiiiight! hahaha!!! xD
can't believe that you didn't touch FB and twitter. lolz!! it's so addictive