Sunday, October 25, 2009

Have you recharge your senses?

I did because i was at johor on friday with 5 of my friends for non other than the RECHARGE YOUR SENSES, JB Discovery event!

For your info, Recharge Your Senses event is an exciting event because there are some most riveting international DJ from all around the world such as United States, Finland, Australia and Taiwan come down to Malaysia to perform their tune of sheer.

In addition, it is an extremely one dynamic event that you wont want to miss!

Picture credits goes to Nigel flyguy and thanks to jason for the invitation.

the cool rectangle shaped DJ spinning place

the entertaining dance floor
*shake it baby*

Bass Agents on the moveeeee

part of the crowd. very happening people

the smoking hot emcee for 8 stops ; Kylie Chapman

the recharge shot bar

we had our free shots! what abt you?
*cheers people*

a group picture with DJ Proteus all the way from FINLAND yo

Sukvinder, Jason, Leonard, myself, Nigel and Michelle

people was hitting on the dance floor all night long

with michelle babe & sukvinder

we are ready to partayyyyyy!!!!

Look at his awesome tatoo(s)

DJ Proteus doing his stuff *spin spin*
he is such a vibrant performer!

and he is perhaps the most famous DJ in all of FINLAND!

DJ Proteus with his guitar babyyyy

we definitely do love recharge your senses event! woots

with nigel flyguy :)

nigel flyguy with jason ong yoooooooo

jason ong & leonard chua

leonard with a group for his friends

partying with the glowing lolipops

the view of the club from the top

Kylie Chapman was interacting with the audience.
She is a mixed of Chinese-Australia who can speak English, Mandarin & Cantonese fluently.

they were the party people, just like us!

Everyone ♥ RECHARGE YOUR SENSES event yooo!

Recharge your senses event is really one definitive experience babeh!


Hey people, dont worry if you missed out the JB one, there will be another one in kl, juru and kuching.

Do visit for more info.


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