Sunday, October 18, 2009

I want a blackberry!

Blackberry Curve 8520!

Have you heard about the xberry party by Celcom held at Republic, Pyramid on the 10th Oct? Oh yea i did but wasnt planning to go. However, i was in pyramid just to meet ewin up but dint know he has extra tix. Since he has the tix, why want to waste it right?

However, the event was not as happening as i thought it will be. But there were some great performance by Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd, Lapsap, Shawn Lee & Twilight Action Girl.

What so nice about blackberry curve 8250??

Because it is one convenient and useful phone for people like me who need to occupied/entertain myself with facebook, twitter, instant messaging and so on...Such a wanted phone by everyone right right right. How nice would it be if i really have it? :(

Picturessssss time!

ice cream was my sudden crave that night.
fuyooh, look at my arm muscle babeh xD

me happily eating ice cream :)

do you feel that he is like a small boy here, trying to hide away from the camera? lol

jun hsien, yr tongue is longer than my sis's one!

sis took this pic while i was busy licking enjoying my ice cream

they were there for movie
awww so sweeeeet! ;)

group pic : jun hsien, sis, yours truly & ewin ee

After sis went in for movie, we went to chilled at outside republic and took some pictures.

yu liang! finally get to see him after dont know how many years :P

with the new friend which is also a blogger : xiang

the stage!

in my opinion, this was the nicest pic we took that night

still need me to intro. dont need right? :)

we like to do the *pout* can.

eh eh, come lets meet up again!

with the chew brothers : shaun & yu liang

Ewin left earlier so i chilled with the others. I met some new friends/bloggers too. Come lets see whether can i remember all of them.

Jason Ong, Joshua Yap, Xiang, Amanda, Bryan, Samuel, Shaun and.............OH SHIT, i cant remember. SORRY! T______T *shake head*

They are so friendly and nice. Nice meeting you guys. Hope to see you all soon! :D

Okay, continue!
Left pyramid at 12.15am, picked lil boy up (thats one of the reason why i dint joined the other for ss15 burger) and last minute we went for yam cha! Sis & jun hsien joined us too.

thanks ewin ee :D :D

her smile is damn wide right? @.@

5 star sri melur mamak?! lmao

no, i dont wear contact lens :) thank youuuu

if you read my blog that often, you'll know who are they.

Despite me having a bad hair day that night, it was a fun night!

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~XiAnG~ said...

spotted my name n pic here :)
Nice to meet u as well