Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kenny's 19th

Done with assigments. Time to relax by blogging. Heeeeee

Attended kenny's 19th bday celebration at MOS on the 16th Oct. I went there with aun hoong. Thanks for the rides! I met so many friends there :) And I had lots of fun. Thanks for invitation kenny! Hope you enjoyed yrself that night too!

must camwhore first what :)

on that night itself was MOS 1st year anniversary.
got free flow for cocktails, corona beer & finger food until 11pm ONLY!

nick, a friend of them ; adele & zhiji

however, the bday boy wasnt drunk that night. wasted!

the bday boy's gf ; phaik teng, kenny & his uncle, i think

aun hoong with kean hoe

with zhiji & aun hoong

phaik teng & her friend
they the leng lui(s)

they love to camwhore toooo

Tak boleh tahan the zhiji @.@

they are damn loving, i tell you *jealous*

sorry hoong, i've to post this up here because you dont let me upload it in fb :P :P

finally, a pic with the bday boy :) Hope you had fun!

the lovebird ; adrienna & ivan

ivan & hoong

adrienna looks extremely happy here :D

Picture taken by AdvinLim. Credit goes to him.

Left the club around 3.25am.

barefoot in pyramid! yays

thanks aun hoong!

jumping in pyramid! woot

we love to do crazy stuffs @.@

i also want to lay down on pyramid floor :S

hoong, you failed to pose sexy-ly!

still can camwhore around 4am? -.-"

i got this from MOS that night :) :) happpyyyyyyyy

Time to upload the rest in facebook. Toodles ~


Jacquelyn Ho said...

zomggg i did the same thing too! walked barefooted in sunway pyramid after attending digi ubb. feet hurts like shyt. got lost in the carpark also :(

AL said...

tak ajak ku lagi!! T_T
don't want to ask you out already..
*merajuk *hint hint!!

Victoria said...

Jac, haha i think everyone did the same thing. yea poor our legs right. heels can be killers too @.@ omg, you lost in the carpark? thats spooky T___T

AL, eh! sorry. is not that i dont want to invite you but it was my friend's bday party. next time we go okay okay? dont merajuk! *sayang sayang*

AL said...

wheee! you said one ah! okay ^^
make sure you remember. haha!! bored to stay at home and blog =P