Saturday, October 03, 2009

Lil boy's bday Part 1

First and foremost, happy mooncake festival :)

As usual, i'll divide birthday update into 2 post. This is because of too many pictures were taken. Cant blame us. Come on, birthday only occurs once a year. Birthday celebration is usually celebrated very grand for the others but for my family, we always go out for a simple yet enjoyable dinner and a birthday cake cutting session. On the 26th of september 09 was my lil boy's 16th birthday. Therefore, we had dinner a day earlier. But the cutting cake session was on the day itself.

the venue

While waiting for our food to arrive, we camwhored. This is what everyone does right? Hahah! Btw, i look weird in the pictures because i was back from penang trip in the afternoon. Was very tired and exhausted T___T

they always camwhore!

even mom knows how to camwhore :p

my turn my turn

sis looked very blur here. pure candid

this was a candid.
sometimes i look nice in candid pic *perasan* and sometimes i dont!

the ladies

the guys with mom

my lovely dovey sister although she always bully me :/

look at my panda bear eyes @.@

szilling chicken with cheese

jack daniel's chicken with shrimps

fish & chips

fried mac and cheese
*mouth watering*

pasta something something -.-
couldnt remember what was it

jack daniel's chicken, if im not wrong

satisfied face :D

happy face :)

dessert baby!!!! ;)

hope you enjoyed yrself that night, my dearest lil boy <3

the tak cukup makan face :p

although mom closed her eyes but i still love this picture :) :) haaaaa

Am gonna celebrate mooncake festival with my loved ones later on! Have fun peeps :)

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