Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lil boy's bday Part 2

Last night was awesome. Will blog & upload the pictures in facebook soon. Be patient :) Oh, thanks for coming guys! ♥

Here is the lil boy's bday cutting cake session post. He cut his cake on the 26th which was his actual birthday date.

ice-cream cake from baskin robbins
err mocha something something :/

happy sweet 16th

posing with the cake

looking at the delicious ice cream cake

making plenty of wishes

pretending to eat it

blowing the candles?

and lastly, cutting the cake

Damn alot of process for the cutting cake session! lmao

nom nom nom!
damn yummy, i tell you :)

sis enjoyed it

and so did i :)

Note that we dint take family picture :/ It's okay, there is always a next year.

posing with his new school bag

The presents he received this year :

from us, the family ♥

from jun hsien, the grandpa

from sanesh, the best friend

from his classmates

from irvin (sorry if i spelled wrongly) , one of his friend

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