Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Random facts

I wanted to blog about my penang trip and how i celebrated mid autumn festival or known as mooncake festival badly but my time is very precious. For yr info, today was my 3rd day in uni. I only got 2 days of classes. And, i already got assigments, a journal due next week and a presentation next week. Uni life is very hectic T___T God please help me!

Hence, just a short update. Will blog about the penang trip and mooncake festival soon!


do you know that i like to go temple? I'll feel happy and peaceful whenever i'm in the temple. I just love to go there. Call me weirdo!

Thanks to big brother for bringing me, lil boy and mom to the jalan gasing temple last week. If i'm not mistaken, i've been there when i was young but couldn't remember. This temple is a siamese temple according to big brother.

the temple entrance

the funny big brother!

cloud cloud cloud :D :D

picture with an elephant!
woot :P

Stress stress stress! =( I need someone!
Off to do some research!


AL said...

really at jalan gasing?
didn't know there got such temple. lolz!! will check it out when free.
am not into temple visit but i like the architecture ^^

Victoria said...

AL - heyyy! yeah is somewhere in jalan gasing. i also dint know until that day! haha. damn noob! :p eh eh bring me along if you're going there! i love to go to temple! HAHAHAHA!

AL said...

haha!! that also depends if you're good to me =P
i'm always free.. not to mention that my place to jalan gasing is quite near xD
bluek =P

Victoria said...

AL - eh excuse me! since when im bad to you huh? im always good to you what! :p hmm i thought you live in puchong? how come jln gasing is quite near to yr place? -.-"