Saturday, October 10, 2009

To the north Part 1

Before i get my ass to do my uni stuff, im gonna blog my penang trip during raya holiday part 1 first. At first, mom doesnt allow me to go but then after that, she changed her mind. Maybe thanks to that someone who really came into my house and asked my mom's permission :P lol

This 3 days 2 nights trip was with ewin and his friends named Augustine who is from penang and Nicholas who is from kuching. Thanks for everything guys! :D

Well, this was an very outdated post, therefore, i dont think so i can remember what we did/where did we went for the whole 3 days. Short term memory what. Just a brief post okay.

our 1st trip together :)

on the way

After 5 hours or maybe more or less, we finally reached penang! It was a bloody long journey but it was fun :)

helloooo penang!

  • We went to bayan lepas hawker stall beside the wet market, if im not mistaken for lunch.

my 1st drink in penang

1st meal in penang
tom yam!

After having lunch, we headed to augustine's place and cleaned up the hse. Then, got showered and off we go and explore penang.

feeling fresh after the shower

  • 1st destination was the famous snake temple

  • Then to Wei liang's place. Another friend of ewin who is already in penang.

  • Had ice kacang at New World Park


it was raining heavily T___T

  • Off to gurney plaza and had our dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Stall

fried kuey teow

my hair was so messy. all thanks to the rain @.@

we walked along this gurney drive :) :)

Somehow i took very little pictures on the 1st day. Dont know why. There will be part 2 & 3 coming up! Off to do my uni stuff! Byeeeeeee


Jacquelyn Ho said...

wah is that the ewin i know. i just had to laugh at his camho pic =p


Victoria said...

really? cool. we know the same ewin! =) go ahead and laugh at his camwhore pic. i did that already! heeeeee