Thursday, October 01, 2009

When one of the gang member is back,

we always plan a gathering. To be exact, it was carmen who plan this gathering. Am i right? She is the one who always plan all this. Thanks girl :)

as an early birthday celebration for him :D

philbert jeeeeeeee

she is love ♥

pure candid!
carmen, were you staring at me or philbert?

winnie the pooh lover :p

group picture before jenny left

a decent one

the girlfriends

Jenny kuma left earlier because she needed to go to somewhere. Okay, continue to pictures!

only me and kenneth who was concentrating to the camera

and now it was only carmen -.-

our new girlfriend in the house ; willy

*high five*

darryl, why you acting cute here?

family portrait
look at darryl and ian!

Although this was a simple early birthday celebration but im sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. Please tell me you guys did! It was fun because somehow linda was "there" as well. Thanks to skype :D :D

More photos in facebook!

Btw, i have been watching movies recently. Watched this with big bro just now :

rate : 6/10

And, last night i watched this with lil boy & mom :

rate : 8/10

I like Jack Neo's movies :)

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