Monday, November 30, 2009

Just being nice and kind

On the 27th November, I was in Station One, taipan with sis and her bf to give support to laine's cousin who is participating in this chinese singing compeition ; PopStar Idol Search 2009.

had justea that night

the brother in law and sister with the lala sign lol

the pop star idol search 2009 contestants

Although I'm a half banana and dont know what those ppl are singing but honestly, i think he sings better than the others. This is not because he is my friend's cousin but yea!

So he is Derrick, my friend's cousin
So to support him or vote for him, type POP 2009 VOTE PS2 and send to 32300

my 5th picture with jun hsien if im not wrong! haha

jun hsien, you seriously look different here!

Someone doesnt want to skype with me! Emo him T________T lol

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ondra Ondra

Just got back from pyramid with the buddies and we managed to watch new moon! Jacob is way hotter than edward! Honestly, hanging out with them is so much fun ♥ Lets do this more often.

Sorry reader, i've to postponed the BBQ post although previously i said i'll blog about it the next post. It's not my fault that i haven't finish uploading the pictures in photobucket. Photobucket is so slow *stare at photobucket* Next next post, i promise ;)

However, I have to blog a short post as i need to rush to finish up my core business skills presentation skills before going out later again. My presentation will be on the 2nd december. Wish me luck people!

So what is about Ondra? I met him on the 7.11.09. Wanna know where is he from? Who is he? Where did we went? Who was with me that night?

Just continue reading! ;o

@ look out point with the guys

escargot aka land snails! I dint plan to try it but somehow ondra and dimi insisted me to.
It tasted really weird @.@

so prettyyy! ;D i just love to go to a high high place!

yes, all guys that night are yoyo players.
you know what, yoyo always make me remind about someone!

he is funnyyyyyyyyyyyy

took dimi's cap and wanted to pose as a hip hop but FAILED epicly! lol
silly looking me.

the Ondra "surprised look"

dimi was happily camwhoring with my camera! ;p


he is from Czech Republic

Eh, i dont have pictures with ewin, dimi and azrul! aiks!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bday boy & a short lunch

First and foremost,


to my dearest good buddy ; boney aka the doinkest dong dong ever ;p Glad that you're back in Malaysia but sadly, you're not in KL now! ish! Faster come down to KL!!!! Heeeeee

He is such a good friend and a good listener! ;)

The two picture below were taken using skype when we were skyping:

although he is such a good friend but he always bully me @.@ hahaha!

however, thanks for everything ♥
you look damn cuteee here lol

Hope you'll have a good one! Sorry no present for you yet (see first whether i wanna buy anot)! Blehhhh!

Happy birthday once again boney ;) xoxo!


A week ago, I met up with my ex college mates for lunch. Pyramid was the place as we couldnt think of anywhere else. I went there to meet up with them after my class ended at 11.30am. Just a short and simple lunch to catch things up. Currently, they're having semester break for 3 months. How jealous. Nvm, I'll be having a month break starting on the mid of december. But sadly, after a month break, I'll be having my finals =( What a bad time management!

@ Dragon-i

my rm16 fried rice and i couldnt finish it. too big portion already ;(

the not-so-talkative one ; hui mei & mei kwan

and the very-noisy one ; me, teni and soo hua
(i always wonder why does my hair looks black in pictures)

just a random shot which i barely remember how was this taken @.@

she is a paparazzi, always took candid pictures of me ;p

while waiting for the others to get their stuff

o.0 ice cream! i also wanttttttttt

she bought this weird looking chicken toy for herself -.-" (can you see the chicken?)

After that, I met up with the other metropolitan college mates. And, they randomly decided to have BBQ session later that night. Next post will be on BBQ party ;) Stay tune!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taryna's belated bday celebration

Audrey planned a belated birthday celebration for Taryna on the 18th whereas her actual birthday was on the 16th. However, the guys couldnt make it, so ended up just the 3 of us. It was like those days where we hang out together when Audrey was back from melbourne ;) Just the 3 of us, talking about life, updating each other with stuff and definitely gossiping! ♥

We had dinner at Sushi Zanmai, pyramid. I tagged along with Audrey whereas we met up with Taryna there as she went there by herself after she finished work at 6pm.

Some of the pictures below were taken using Audrey's camera.

i like this pic although it seems to be a lil bit blur ;D

taryna, hope you enjoyed yrself that night ;)

6 years of friendship and still counting . . . .

konon nya, camera shy ;p

o.0 salmon babeh!

More pictures of food will be uploaded in fb later on

as usual, camwhoring session is a must ;0

the baskin robbins ice cream cakeee *yum yum*

birthday girl with her 1st ice cream cake

her cutting cake looks damn yeng

since we cant cut the cake, we decided to just use the spoon to scoop the ice cream and eat it!

and the last picture before we left pyramid ♥

Thanks for everything Audrey! Btw do have fun in Rome and take care! :D Let me know when you're back!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Go away you sickness

Have been down with flu, bad cough and sore throat ever since last week. Dont have the time to consult the doctor until just now. Like finally geez

the cough medicine is the worst medicine i ever had =( tastes so yucky

*cough until my lung can comes out* T____________T

On the other hand, I went for a dinner with mom and big bimbo aka my elder brother at pyramid. Couldnt remember when was it. Besides dinner, we went for shopping as big bimbo needed to shop for clothes. Sis and lil boy dint join us cause they have their own plans.

on the way out. ignore my sarcastic smile

sushi zanmai was the destination that night

Sorry I couldnt help myself not to take pictures of food. By taking pics of food will always make me happy ;) I wonder why too.

i like to eat this ; tuna salad

chicken katsu don if im not mistaken


cant imagine how will my life be without her ♥

so well he is such a POSER, i know i know! ;p

big bimbo looks like my mom more than i do

we look so much different right? perhaps we only have the same nose?

this was a candid and for once, he dint pose ;0 lalalaall ~

the free macha ice cream ;)

Get well soon lil boy as we are both sick at the same time >.<
Btw im not changing my mind to go to genting tomorrow. DAMN! So gonna miss all the fun with them =(