Thursday, November 19, 2009

All American Rejects (AAR)

Have to blog to release stress cause got no ice-cream at home! Anyone willing to buy for me and deliver them?

Honestly, i'm damn freaking stressed up now due to my assignments. I really dont understand WHY I GOT SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS? IZZIT CAUSE IM A BUSINESS STUDENT? omfg! I want to change course alreadyyyy T________T FML!

Time to blog about AAR now. It was on the 31st October 2009. I was there with the siblings but elder brother was hanging out with his friends so I hang out with my 2 younger siblings, sis's bf and his friends who apparently i know them too ;0 It was one massive night. We sang, dance and jumped and obviously camwhored.

the lovebirds that night! as usual the sis will act cuteee! >.<

the lil boy piggybacked me! weeee ~ i know i very fat heavy (gonna start diet soon)

apparently, i cant see anything

because we dint get good spots :/

Nevermind because i saw AAR already during the mtv world stage so yea!

we wore the same tops but just diff color ;) so loving can

yeah, we WILL ROCK YOU!

with nigel

met them when they were about to leave the concert.
L:R : Ken Yee, Aun Hoong (see he was posing with the Tiger beer can), Lyra, yours truly, Karen, Jason & lil boy behind, talking on the phone

the 1st time going to concert with all the siblings

the empty stage

rock on peeps!

ice-cream to cool us down!

met EWIN for a lil while after the concert! anyone wants ice-cream?

imitating the big bimbo's pose ;p DAMN FUNNY!

Dont worry, i'm just kidding about the changing course. Sigh

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