Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bday boy & a short lunch

First and foremost,


to my dearest good buddy ; boney aka the doinkest dong dong ever ;p Glad that you're back in Malaysia but sadly, you're not in KL now! ish! Faster come down to KL!!!! Heeeeee

He is such a good friend and a good listener! ;)

The two picture below were taken using skype when we were skyping:

although he is such a good friend but he always bully me @.@ hahaha!

however, thanks for everything ♥
you look damn cuteee here lol

Hope you'll have a good one! Sorry no present for you yet (see first whether i wanna buy anot)! Blehhhh!

Happy birthday once again boney ;) xoxo!


A week ago, I met up with my ex college mates for lunch. Pyramid was the place as we couldnt think of anywhere else. I went there to meet up with them after my class ended at 11.30am. Just a short and simple lunch to catch things up. Currently, they're having semester break for 3 months. How jealous. Nvm, I'll be having a month break starting on the mid of december. But sadly, after a month break, I'll be having my finals =( What a bad time management!

@ Dragon-i

my rm16 fried rice and i couldnt finish it. too big portion already ;(

the not-so-talkative one ; hui mei & mei kwan

and the very-noisy one ; me, teni and soo hua
(i always wonder why does my hair looks black in pictures)

just a random shot which i barely remember how was this taken @.@

she is a paparazzi, always took candid pictures of me ;p

while waiting for the others to get their stuff

o.0 ice cream! i also wanttttttttt

she bought this weird looking chicken toy for herself -.-" (can you see the chicken?)

After that, I met up with the other metropolitan college mates. And, they randomly decided to have BBQ session later that night. Next post will be on BBQ party ;) Stay tune!

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