Monday, November 16, 2009

Joe's 20th @ MOS

A few of my beloved ones' birthday fall on this month. On the 13th was one of my good friend 21st bday ; EwinEe then yesterday was my mom's bday, today is my 6 years dude b'day (happy birthday dude) and the next one will be on the 24th which is my close friend's bday who i love to call him a dong dong ; boney! ;) Hope you guys will have/had a good one! ♥


Then on the 6th Nov, I was invited by aun hoong for Joe's (another nov baby) bday celebration in MOS. You know what, MOS was really empty that night. OMfG! However, i did enjoyed myself with the guys! Thanks for the invitation!

Pictures credit goes to Aun Hoong who apparently just bought a Canon DSLR *i jealous lol*

the non bday boy got the spotlight. haha! sorry joe

hon jun, chiak kang and the bday boy ; joe

chiak kang & ken yee! ck, i know you're jealous cause ken is very tall! lol

more more more ~

ken yee, why you look so sad?

all the 12 guys that night

my closest guy friends ; ken yee & aun hoong ♥

i think he is growing taller day by day :/

woi joe what were you doing? dei ! ! ;p

say cheeseeeeeee!

with the guys who i only can remember some of their names =( sorry!

we self camwhore! i like this pic!

please ignore my fat face. thank you

at least i dont look fat here weeeee ~

posing on the dance floor meanwhile ken was praying for god-knows-what ;p

joe, hon jun, your truly and wei song

we just love the camera. dont we?

cant remember who were the one pulling me from the back @.@


my fav picture for the night :)

Once again, THANK YOU AUN HOONG! :)

Sadly, I'm down with cough, sore throat and flu now. sobs!

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