Monday, November 02, 2009

For James Khor

Bet you all heard about the news already!

But I still couldnt believe that James Khor had left us. I cried when i heard the news, when i think abt him, when i saw the news in the tv and even now when im typing this post *tears pouring* It is a saddening story that he left us so early. The last time i spoke to him was thru facebook around July and from there onwards, we havent been talking cause both of us were busy. I DAMN REGRET for not talking to him ever since =((

I knew him last 4 years when i was in leo forum. He is such a great friend. He is so friendly and warm. Moreover, he is so active in everything. The best thing about him is that i always have fun chatting with him and enjoy his company. We have been very close to each other ever since. I remember how he told me on what he was planning to do in the future and stuff.

Sadly, God took him away from us so early. Come on, he is only 20 years old.

Perhaps I shall stop here, if not, i'll cry all the way until my eyes are fully swollen @.@

was taken 3 years back during leo forum

he never fail to put a smile on my face

Rest in peace, my dearest james.
I'll always miss you!

We cant predict whats gonna happen in the future. Therefore, do appreciate everyone around you and let them know that they are appreciated.
Honestly, I still need some time to accept the facts.


Yaenn said...

baby naa, life is very unpredictable. yes he is very young. God took him from his friends and family too early, but he is fated to leave the world at this age, girl. You need to cheer up. He wont be able to rest in peace if you continue to be like that. Be strong jie. I know I wont be able to understand how do you feel right now because I dont know him but it hurts me to see you in tears a few times yesterday. Try accepting the fact that he is gone alright. Let him go and rest in peace. Cheer up, don't emo already.

Jun Hsien said...

Hey Vic! Cheer up alright - god has bigger plans for James up there and that's why he recruited him.
Some people come in our lives and touch us, and often not these people just leave a void when they're gone, but what's to be cherished is the memories left.