Friday, November 20, 2009

Go away you sickness

Have been down with flu, bad cough and sore throat ever since last week. Dont have the time to consult the doctor until just now. Like finally geez

the cough medicine is the worst medicine i ever had =( tastes so yucky

*cough until my lung can comes out* T____________T

On the other hand, I went for a dinner with mom and big bimbo aka my elder brother at pyramid. Couldnt remember when was it. Besides dinner, we went for shopping as big bimbo needed to shop for clothes. Sis and lil boy dint join us cause they have their own plans.

on the way out. ignore my sarcastic smile

sushi zanmai was the destination that night

Sorry I couldnt help myself not to take pictures of food. By taking pics of food will always make me happy ;) I wonder why too.

i like to eat this ; tuna salad

chicken katsu don if im not mistaken


cant imagine how will my life be without her ♥

so well he is such a POSER, i know i know! ;p

big bimbo looks like my mom more than i do

we look so much different right? perhaps we only have the same nose?

this was a candid and for once, he dint pose ;0 lalalaall ~

the free macha ice cream ;)

Get well soon lil boy as we are both sick at the same time >.<
Btw im not changing my mind to go to genting tomorrow. DAMN! So gonna miss all the fun with them =(

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