Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween party 09

Thanks people for your concern. You know who you are. Don't need me to mention the names out. I'm feeling much better already compared to the last 2 days. Am still trying very hard to accept the facts. Anyhow dont worry about me! ;)


On 31st Oct which was the halloween day, my sis wanted to give a surprised to the bf. Since i was free that day, i accompanied her. See, im such a good sister lol. Wtf im bragging about myself *smack head*

The event was organized by Leo Club of PJI in the afternoon at Alumni Chung Ling Centre. I picked sis up from college around 1.45pm because she was having her last paper on that day itself. yes, it was on a saturday. wth right?

thank youuu sis for the make up <3

we somehow got lost finding for this place ;/

we are very busy okay! so must book me earlier if wanna hang out LOL

Reached Alumni Chung Ling Centre, met some friend but havent surprised the sis's bf yet and off we went to somewhere near for late lunch. We were sooooo damn hungry at that time :((

sis claimed that i look different in this pic. what do you think?

maggi goreng, the unhealthy food

the biggest roti boom so far

Got back to the event after late lunch and was thinking how to surprised the sis's bf. While thinking, we camwhored. However, the pictures will be upload in facebook soon and not here hehe.

one of sis's camwhore picture. ignore my candid look

the freaking huge chop which lasted for 2 days although i tried to scrubbed it out

sis with zhuo li, the friendy guy

rushing for the candies. gosh, they are just candies la my friends =.="

jerrard damn bangga for being taller than sis FOR ONCE :p (Sorry jerrard if you happen to see this)

with jerrard leong :)

where is my cd, macha?? damn cute lar this pic!

the game session

sis claimed that the girl in the witch hat is hot?

it was a very small event actually

part of the crowd, enjoying slow dance with their partners

the decoration which scared the shit out of me :(( sorry laaaa, my heart very weak can.

i didnt get his name (sorry, guess i shall just name him as mr.unknown), zhou li & eric

the lovebirds ; sis & grandpa :))

the guys with the handmade mummy

they are one happy couple *hearts them*
so jun hsien, were you surprised to see us there? heeee

chien lung is always ready for the camera! LOL!

the crowd enjoying the music. dance floor what

say hello to the *cough* brother*cough* in*cough* law*cough*

the DJ for the event ; mr santa claus

the mummy wasnt even hot. dont know why i wanna take pic with him/her -.-"

RIP signs as wall decorations.

people, whats wrong with the *peace* sign?
everyone around me seems to be doing it recently

me with the loving couple :)

a group picture before we left
L:R ; zhen ming (hopefully is not spelled wrongly), yours truly, jerrard, sis, grandpa & zhou li

ignore the blue oil control firm and the posing fingers

the camwhore queen (:

driving also can camwhore? OMfG!

dont worry, i drive very safe one okay although i camwhored!!

Got back home at 6pm and then had camwhore session with sis before going for AAR. Camwhore pictures next post okie?

Going for movie with mom & lil boy again yays. Gotta run :)


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