Monday, November 09, 2009

If you dont mind,

looking at our camwhore pictures then please proceed. If you do mind then sorry! As i promised in the previous post, here is the camwhore pictures. Camwhore is basically one of the girls' main hobby. I'm a girl so what to do right? Actually right, i seldom camwhore one lor. Unless when i got the mood to do so or either only when my sis is around to be my camwhore partner.

Camwhore session after the halloween party.

for us, camwhore always started with a decent one

then started doing lame poses

haha! she looked like a rabbit here! @.@ so cuteee

my most retarded sis ever! ♥

shooooooot me baby LOL

sorry i malas nak rotate! terima kasih

she still can camwhore when i felt asleep @.@

sis, why you smelling my hair?

now wanna kiss me pulak? muahhh

she is the devil and also the love <3

my looking weird semi awake pose!

my eyes very BIG mehhhhhh???

omg, i almost die because of sis's weight! lmao

smelling my bolster :p

*peace out people*

After done camwhoring, we went off to Bukit Jalil for AAR. That one will be blog up soon okie dokie?
Now off to watch CSI:NY season 6 instead of watching the match! GO GO GO ManU!

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