Monday, November 30, 2009

Just being nice and kind

On the 27th November, I was in Station One, taipan with sis and her bf to give support to laine's cousin who is participating in this chinese singing compeition ; PopStar Idol Search 2009.

had justea that night

the brother in law and sister with the lala sign lol

the pop star idol search 2009 contestants

Although I'm a half banana and dont know what those ppl are singing but honestly, i think he sings better than the others. This is not because he is my friend's cousin but yea!

So he is Derrick, my friend's cousin
So to support him or vote for him, type POP 2009 VOTE PS2 and send to 32300

my 5th picture with jun hsien if im not wrong! haha

jun hsien, you seriously look different here!

Someone doesnt want to skype with me! Emo him T________T lol

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