Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ondra Ondra

Just got back from pyramid with the buddies and we managed to watch new moon! Jacob is way hotter than edward! Honestly, hanging out with them is so much fun ♥ Lets do this more often.

Sorry reader, i've to postponed the BBQ post although previously i said i'll blog about it the next post. It's not my fault that i haven't finish uploading the pictures in photobucket. Photobucket is so slow *stare at photobucket* Next next post, i promise ;)

However, I have to blog a short post as i need to rush to finish up my core business skills presentation skills before going out later again. My presentation will be on the 2nd december. Wish me luck people!

So what is about Ondra? I met him on the 7.11.09. Wanna know where is he from? Who is he? Where did we went? Who was with me that night?

Just continue reading! ;o

@ look out point with the guys

escargot aka land snails! I dint plan to try it but somehow ondra and dimi insisted me to.
It tasted really weird @.@

so prettyyy! ;D i just love to go to a high high place!

yes, all guys that night are yoyo players.
you know what, yoyo always make me remind about someone!

he is funnyyyyyyyyyyyy

took dimi's cap and wanted to pose as a hip hop but FAILED epicly! lol
silly looking me.

the Ondra "surprised look"

dimi was happily camwhoring with my camera! ;p


he is from Czech Republic

Eh, i dont have pictures with ewin, dimi and azrul! aiks!

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