Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pissed OFF!

Pissed off this morning cause of my lecturer. If you havent see my tweet/facebook status or either follow me in twitter, here come let me copy and paste for you :

"okay this is annoying. i slept at 3am and i forced myself to wake up at 7am and got my ass to college. mana tau CLASS CANCELLED! wtf "

Now you can follow me at

You tell me how is that impossible not to be pissed off? Gosh! This is not the 1st time you know! 2nd time wei! Why cant SEGi inform us earlier? Izzit that difficult to put up a notice a day earlier? OMG! boooooo

*chill myself down*

*inhale and exhale*

Slept at 3am? because i was out for dinner and movie with a friend. Dinner at Italiannies, the Curve meanwhile movie at e-Curve.

his dinner
i took my early dinner at home already :)

We watched :

honestly, a stupid movie

ya ya, he is "somehow" camera shy.
guess who?

I dint want to upload the pictures of us because i look terrible @.@
Oh, starting from now on, i'll reply the msg in my chatbox itself. Lazy wanna go to individual's blog to reply. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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