Friday, November 13, 2009

Recharge @ Blanc, KL

Quite an outdated post eventually. Remember i was in johor last few weeks for the recharge your senses event? On the 30th last month, i went for the same event but different venue. This time it was held at Blanc, KL! Thanks yuliang for the ride, thanks to jason for the invitation again and thanks to everyone for the fun =)) However, me and yuliang got lost in KL. So scary yet so fun !

Pictures time! weeeee ~

while waiting for yuliang to pick me up

in the club, Blanc

me ♥ heineken

Align Centerwe look so happyyyyyyyy ;)

with nigel flyguy
*fly nigel fly* lol

0.0 blueeee! random shot

i just love to snap this kind of pic! :p sorry nigel!

with the tall, skinny and friendly guy ; leonard chua

not forgetting, he is a poser as well! lol

the happy gay couple xD awwwww

were you sleeping, yuliang?

part of the people that night

now it's greeeeeen matched with the beer bottle!

a drunkard or maybe he was just sleeping @.@

with the buddies ; jason and yuliang
i think that will be my signature pose whenever i hit the club lol

with josh lim :D


Once again, happy 21st birthday to EwinEe :) Hope you enjoyed yr big day!


¥ù £Ïäñg said...

wooooohoooo... i sudah MIA.. LOL!!
i din get back my camera yet.. damn! :(

Victoria said...

har har! at least you know that you're MIA! huh havent get back? WHY SO LONG ONE? poor thing =(